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Many people simply vanish in the wilderness, succumbing to the many dangers it presents or becoming lost and never to be found. Hunters are not such people, as they feel more at ease in the wild than in their own civilization. Hunters frequently live alone or with loyal animal companions in remote areas, and enjoy their solitude. They are masters of their environment as well as certain types of creatures, and they are frequently hired as guides in dangerous areas. Their keen senses and quick reflexes make them formidable opponents to any threats they may encounter. Although they may not have the same connection to nature as druids, they have a deep respect for the balance of nature and the cycle of life and death that governs it.

Many stories are told of hunters’ legendary feats, from taking down mythical beasts to rescuing hostages from impossible situations. Their reputation precedes them wherever they go, earning them equal amounts of respect and fear. In times of need, some hunters may join bands of heroes to lend their help and incredible knowledge to turn the tide in favor of their allies. Despite their reputation as lone wolves, most hunters recognize that working together is sometimes the best solution.

Path of the Pack Leader

A Pack Leader is a Hunter who has formed a bond with powerful animal companions to aid them in combat. To them, these beasts are more than simple animals; they are friends and equal partners. There's something almost magical about the bond between a Pack Leader and their animals, and are known for their unique ability to communicate with their beasts, understanding their needs and desires without the need for words. These hunters will never hesitate to sacrifice their time, energy, and resources for their creatures, which are frequently raised from birth. In return, their animal companions offer unwavering support and loyalty, standing by their master's side in any situation.

Path of the Sharpshooter

Sharpshooters are Hunters specializing in long range combat. While many of them use crossbows, bows, or firearms, some Sharpshooters use other long-range weapons to defeat their foes, such as javelins and knives. They usually fight from as far away as possible, and they always do their best to maintain this distance from their opponents. These Hunters attack from such a distance that even if the enemy learns where the ammunition comes from, it's hard to tell where they are. They are nearly impossible to detect, and they patiently await an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow.

Path of the Tracker

Trackers are familiar with the wilderness in general, but they specialize in specific environments such as deserts, mountains, jungles, and so on. They are intimately familiar with their favorite biomes and can freely move around them. They either have a loyal animal companion or a spiritual weapon with whom they share a unique bond. Furthermore, after practicing their tracking skills for a while, these Hunters' connection to nature grows to the point where they can adopt some animal characteristics to aid them inside and outside of battle.

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