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Whether they are hidden in the shadows, preying on unsuspecting targets, or openly dueling their opponent, outlaws know they can come and get exactly what they wanted. They are agile fighters, who rely on precision, subtlety, wit and, sometimes, questionable strategies. While often shunned upon by modern society, they are more than just the lowly thieves and killers they are portrayed as, and it isn’t always about having a botched moral compass, nor is it about creating chaos; being an outlaw means freedom. It means creating your own rules and guidelines.

The range of what an outlaw may be is wide and nebulous. They could be cowboys, pirates or mercenaries, traveling in the open, jumping from an adventure to another. They could also be stealthy assassins, working in the shadows and planning their next coup. They could be anyone, anywhere: Hackers working in a cybercafé, tomb raiders passing as archeologists or even famous political figures who are secretly part of the mafia. Dirty tactics and smooth talking can bring someone far.

Path of the Alchemist

Often seen as volatile, dangerous and deranged, alchemists are masters of potions, poisons and explosives. They spend their whole life perfecting their crafts, always striving to discover new recipes and formulas. Not all alchemists work against the law, sometimes becoming famous scientists and public personalities. When they do, however, they become highly dangerous enemies, both able to slip deadly poisons in a drink and to torch a whole city. 

Path of the Assassin

Dangerous, cunning and ruthless, assassins are contract killers hiding and lurking in the shadows. They learn their craft by joining one of the many organizations present on Arkelon, learning different sets of skills to make themselves silent and deadly killers. Whether it is by the use of poisons, violence or threats, assassins always get the job done, not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They are often smooth talkers, lying their way out of a situation, or convincing others that they pose no threat at all. They have an innate ability to fade into the background, striking when their target least expects it.

Path of the Daredevil

Flamboyant, intense and over the top, daredevils are not shy to show themselves to the world, often taking the role of fabled vigilante, openly dueling their opponents to obtain wealth and fame. Daredevils may appear foolish in their daring actions, but they take great pride in their capacities, spending a large amount of their time perfecting their technique. Their combat style uses fluid, almost dancerly, movements, showing that speed and wit is often the counter to brute strength and size.

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