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Some might only see raging, bloodthirsty warriors in Berserkers, but these misconceptions couldn’t be farther from the truth. Some channel their emotions through enormous, one-of-a-kind weapons that are pure technological marvels, while others get their primal instincts or rage from the depths of the infernal plane. Due to their significant roles in many battles, berserkers have inspired generations of tales of impressive feats and victories.


A common trait among all Berserkers is the ability to channel and unleash their most intense emotions. While emotional outbursts are often seen as a weakness in combat, these warriors consider them to be their greatest strength, as they are capable of controlling them to increase their power.


It is through the heat and chaos of combat that Berserkers truly come to life. They can enter an emotion-fueled berserk state, providing them with superhuman strength and resilience. A Berserker can only draw from this reservoir of emotion - whether sadness, anger, or even happiness - a few times before needing to rest, but those few surges are usually enough to lead them to victory.

Path of the Demon Soul

Those who become Demon Souls are often the offspring of families with a long history of meddling with demons, but some also willingly taint their blood in order to gain stronger powers. Their demonic essence influences not only the appearance of a Demon Soul when it transforms, but also the abilities they may have, such as hellfire, freezing cold, or even radiation. While they aren't inherently evil, having a demon inside of them might change one's demeanor and appearance. They are typically ruthless, bloodthirsty and capable of transforming into ferocious demons who don't hesitate to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Path of the Primal Champion

Berserkers who chose to walk the Primal Champion path share a special bond with the bestial aspects of nature. Through this bond and the release of raw emotions, they can enhance their own physical capacities. When Primal Champions allow their emotions to run wild, they can tap into Nature's pure and primal strength, improve their reflexes, and become extremely resistant. Blows that would knock out anyone else may only leave them with a few scratches. They can resist even the hardest hits, and in extremely dire situations, they will often be the last one standing.

Path of the Technoblade

Berserkers known as Technoblades have a unique relationship with their chosen technological weapon. Due to their fascination with technological weaponry, they developed an in-depth understanding of how to create, maintain, and improve the particular kind of technological weapon they want to wield. These enormous weapons, which can be either one or two-handed, are all custom-made by the owner. Technoblades are extremely bright and capable craftspeople, capable of creating all kinds of unique improvements and skilled at fusing technology with arcane energies. Technoblades' abilities, like those of other Berserkers, are enhanced by the power of their emotions, allowing them to deliver hard hitting and devastating blows.

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