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The world is full of sacred creatures, and shamans, intertwined with nature, cherish these spirits more than most. They are the bridge that connects the material world and the ethereal universe. Through meditation, rituals and study, shamans connect with the world around them, attracting spirits, with whom they form bonds to gain power and wisdom. They will often choose one, or sometimes two, spirits to draw their powers from; choosing one that they identify to. Shamanism is a secret art, even more so than druidism, taking people years of intensive preparation and concentration to contact spirits, and even more so to capture their magic.


All that hard work seems to really pay off, as the spirits also appear to gravitate towards the shaman granting them assistance. By warding away evil spirits and by guarding traditions and hard-earned wisdom, Shamans offer advice and service to all members of their tribe. Some also offer members of the tribe physical and spiritual healing.

In this modern world, Shamans struggle to find their place, as their beliefs and powers conflict with the rise of technologies. Most shamans tend to not like grand civilizations and its people, seeing as they destroy nature to expend, but in some cases after interacting with them they may come to enjoy the company of some people.

Path of the Harbinger

Harbingers are Shamans specialized in controlling the elements to rain destruction on their foes. Harbingers understand that destruction is sometimes the precursor of creation, such as forest fires encouraging later growth. These shamans bond with a spirit that harbors both disruptive and creative power, allowing them to generate controlled fires, harness the limitless energies of constellations and the mighty rage of the storms.

Path of the Mender

Menders are masters of life and water. They use their powers to mend and help others. Those who choose to become menders are often seen as calm, patient and generous.

Path of the Vanguard

Vanguards are masters of air, time and earth. They use their powers to help their allies, impair their foes and protect themselves. Those who choose to become vanguards are often seen as tenacious, stubborn and wise.

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