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What is different about Arkelon Chronicles?

        Arkelon Chronicles is set in a science-fiction/fantasy world, in which mighty wizards can fight advanced robots. Taking place in a modern world, the characters must always evaluate their actions, as news travel fast in a world of social medias and fast networking. Characters and creatures also have many ways to act while it isn't their turn, via reactions(that can be anything from attacks of opportunities, to spells, to special abilities, to defenses), keeping each player on their toes, never knowing what a creature will suddenly throw at them.


Also, although some races might be familiar, we try to bring a breath of fresh air to old classics, as well as integrating brand new ones. Classes where also thoroughly tested and observed, to be sure they where all unique and special, with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Who are you guys?

        We are a small team of diverse individuals that enjoy roleplaying, gaming and creating stories. We started working on Arkelon Chronicles in August of 2016 (more as a fun little project than a real game), and are still working on the project more seriously as of today.


We are a mostly LGBTQ+ team who wants to bring an inclusive and diverse experience to the table. We are from Quebec city, Canada, where the RPG culture is very present, but also where very little games of the genre are made.

As a company, we partnered with a local organization that supports LGBTQ+ youth in their efforts to express themselves freely in a fun, safe environment.

What is different from a D20 system?

        The game uses Polyhedral dice sets, and uses a D20 to resolve most conflicts. Skill checks, saves, attacks and defense uses the D20+any modifier to get a result, but combat uses a comparative system, within which the attacking creature rolls a D20+any modifier, and the defending creature rolls its own dice, adding its own defense modifier. If the result is equal or higher, the defending creature avoids the attack. The game uses an action point system, making it simple to plan a turn.

        Creatures with both block and dodge chances can do either, or use one of their reaction to do both in the same turn. This gives the system a more balanced way to resolve combat, as any number can become a good roll(instead of rolling low always being a bad thing for some, and never really matter for others) and removes a little bit of the large gap between non-combat oriented characters and combat oriented characters.

        Creatures can also use many different reactions, from spells, to attacks, to defenses, to very dangerous abilities. In Arkelon, your turn does not always end when you have no more actions, and enemies can always surprise you, even though you know what you might be against. 

Why use polyhedral dice sets?

        As a team, we liked the feeling and look of the D20, and the variation that can come with the other dices(different spell and weapon damage, different dice bonuses, etc). It also keeps the nostalgia from the usage of a D20, but uses it in a more dynamic way.

What if I want to play the same character than my friend?

        Don't worry! Arkelon Chronicles offer many different options to make your character unique and special. From hundreds of spells, to talents, to personality traits, everything in Arkelon was created to ensure a wide variety of customization options. 

Can I make derivative products related to the game?

        Yes and No. You can use the game to create fan art and fan content, as long as you don't copy any of the work included in the game. To be sure, you can send us an email via the Contact Us section.

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