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Art has always been an important part of culture and civilizations. Beautiful songs, paintings and dances have passed the test of time, relics of the past deeply rooted into cultures around the world. Performers take art in a whole other direction, using arcane powered instruments, elemental magic, or arcane tricks and legerdemain to disrupt, heal or kill. Masters of manipulation, persuasion and inspiration, performers mostly travel the world to showcase their art, and sometimes join random bands of heroes and villains to lend their services, and make little money on the side. Performers rarely follow rites and religions.


Often dangerously underestimated, performers take many different forms, from the frail looking human using tricked cards to fool their enemies, to the large muscular orc with war drums and a greataxe. Striking fear or adoration into people’s heart, performers live every day as if it was their last, enjoying life and never letting others tell them what to do.

Path of the Dancer

Inspired by shamanic magic, dancers use rituals and movements to control some of the major elements of the world. Less powerful than shamans, but equally dangerous, dancers are able to control fire, earth, wind and water. Their incredible abilities allow them to be incredibly versatile, and their more modern take on elemental magic make them more at ease in the modern world.

Path of the Musician

Sometimes seen on large screens and posters, musicians don’t shy away to show their talents and charisma to the world. Wielding special arcane instruments, musicians can do many things with their incredible talent. Although some musicians like the fame and fortune associated with their abilities, some others are harbinger of war, bolstering troops and demoralizing enemies on the battlefield.

Path of the Trickster

Using an equal part of magic and deception, tricksters are masters of illusions. They often use their abilities to entertain crowds, able to accomplish seemingly impossible feats using normal means. Tricksters also dabble in the arcane arts to push their craft even further. Although they do have some arcane knowledge, they are by no means arcanists, preferring to rely on old tricks and sleight of hands to fool their opponents.

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