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Since the beginning of time, the divine intrigued, divided and fascinated. Priests are the messengers of the gods, drawing their powers from the sky and beings out of this world. Priests follow strict dogmas tied to their god, following the rules and never straying too far from their code of conduct. Although they share similar abilities, all priests are as different as the god they pray, some offering healing and calm, others law and justice, and still others chaos and death. Rare priests become warriors, leaving this task to the mighty crusaders, but their potent divine magic easily makes up for their lack of physical power. Battling good or evil, priests excels at disrupting demons, undead and good creatures that puts themselves in their way.

In the modern world, religion has been majoritarily replaced by technology, and the more time passes, the more the gods are forgotten. Unstoppable beacons of Faith, priests always believe, becoming emissaries for their god, and spreading his influence in the world, even with the dwindling number of believers. Some even venture into the depths of space, converting other races to their religion.

Path of the Exorcist

Between good and evil, stands the Exorcist. Wielder of questionable magic and obscure secrets, these priests vow their life to controlling and getting rid of evil spirits and creatures, by all means necessary, even if that means wielding the dark forces of their enemies. The Exorcist’s methods are often seen as evil by other members of the clergy, but most of them use their powers to help and protect.

Path of the Faith Healer

Calmer than their other counterparts, Faith Healers dedicate themselves to heal the wounded, and offer their services to those in need. Whether their god is good or evil, Faith Healers always put others in front of themselves, prioritizing those aligned with their religious beliefs, although it is not rare for good priests to help evil people, as life is more important to them than one’s convictions.

Path of the Purifier

In the light of their god shines the Purifier. This unstoppable beacon of Faith follows their god’s doctrine with vehemence, sometimes to the point of madness. The Purifier dedicates themself to purging enemies of their faith, evil or good, depending on their own beliefs. These priests are often seen as extremists, but their abilities are never to be underestimated in a religious conflict, or against creatures standing between them and their god.

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