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Arcane Warrior

Masters of arcane magic and combat, Arcane Warriors specialize both in spellcasting and weaponry. While some of these warriors might favor the use of brute force, the majority prefer to utilize tact and accuracy to accomplish their objectives. In either case, their major strength comes from the skillful blending of military arts and arcane magic.


Their origin is often seen as tainted with shame, since the first Arcane Warriors were Arcanist students who failed their education at the Academy. These pioneers decided that this wouldn’t mean the end for them, and decided to start pursuing military arts. They dedicated themselves not only to mastering both disciplines, but also to combining them into a single, distinct fighting style. Thanks to the efforts of these bright minds, arcane fighting has now been recognized as a fully fledged combat expertise and is currently being taught as such in academies.

Path of the Arcane Watcher

As attractive as using magic might be, Arcane Watchers prefer to use theirs to make their ranged weapon of choice even deadlier. Those more inclined towards traditions may fight with bows and crossbows, while some other Arcane Watchers might prefer more modern weapons and use various types of firearms. Either way, they can strengthen and extend the use of any of these weapons by creating arcanic ammunition, whether it be arrows, bolts or bullets. Some tend to underestimate these warriors because of their choice of weapons, however, due to their supernatural abilities and the magic they integrate into their arms and munitions, Arcane Warriors should never be taken lightly.

Path of the Battlemage

Battlemages also prefer to mix the use of weapons to the practice of magic to their fighting style. However, just as various as melee weapons are, the fighting styles of Battlemages vary greatly. Depending on their education, their origins, and perhaps their personal preferences, Battlemages don’t share all the same strengths. Some are masters of agility, able to dodge, plunge and hit their enemies in a flash. Others prefer to focus the physical part of their training on their strength, allowing them to lift up heavier weapons and inflict great harm to their foes.

Path of the Spellbreaker

Unlike other Arcane Warriors who view magic as a tool to augment their attacks, spellbreakers choose to use their arcane talents primarily for defense. They can use magic to repel attacks, protect themselves and their allies, and even turn spells against their casters. They believe their magic to be equally effective at defense as any shield or steel armor, if not more so because it is typically far more comfortable and convenient. While some Spellbreakers can mimic their adversaries' spells, others can also put a halt to negative magical effects.

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