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Arcane Warrior

Hybrids between an arcanist and a warrior, arcane warriors are terrifying weapons experts and spellcasters who have blended art, swordplay, and arcane magic into a seamless whole. They use very discrete tactics and precise movement in battle to maintain a highly effective combat defense. More often than none, they rely on their precision rather than sheer force.


The first arcane warriors were apprentices at the magic academy that failed to finish their studies as arcanists. Bright minds with capable bodies, these dedicated warriors mastered the fundamentals of arcane magic and combined this academic study with endless hours of physical training to create a unique fighting style blending martial combat with magic. They took their craft seriously enough to prove themselves on the battlefield until it got recognized as a fully fledged combat expertise and field of study they now teach in academies.

Path of the Arcane Watcher

Though few contest the seductive allure of commanding arcana and supernatural powers, many are captivated by the black powder’s natural mysteries while others favor the use of bows or crossbows. They transform weapons into a powerful focus by integrating the strength and efficiency of firearms and ranged weapons with their tremendous arcane abilities. Seen as masters of ranged combat, they possess the ability to strike at targets with unerring accuracy and can imbue their arrows, bolts and bullets with powerful spells.

Path of the Battlemage

There are those that spend their lives studying ancient tomes and texts, unlocking the power of arcana, and there are those that spend their time perfecting the utilization of individual weapons, becoming unrivaled experts. A battlemage is a student of both philosophies, a strong enemy of incomparable versatility and strength, blending arcanic abilities and martial prowess into something entirely unique, a discipline that brings both spell and steel to a destructive effect.

Path of the Spellbreaker

Some arcane warriors, named spellbreakers, emphasize magic that blocks, banishes, and protects. Spellbreakers have learnt to weave their magic to fortify themselves and their allies against harm. They see their magic as a shield as well as armor, a resource at least as good as any piece of steel. In combat, spellbreakers act quickly, using their spells to take a situations’ tactical control. Spellbreakers are also proficient at turning other spellcasters' magical energy against them, and those who use arcane or even divine spells will find spellbreakers deadly opponents.

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