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In Arkelon, there exists an energy ever so hardly understood: Arcana. Unpredictable and quite dangerous, it was created by the God Piandel with the intention of gifting it to mortals. Hard to control due to its wildness, some foolish individuals were still determined to do so for their own benefit. However, these people soon came to realize that Arcana often causes various afflictions to those who are brought into close contact with it. Despite this, due to the strength of these ancient Arcanists' resolve, Arcana can still be used today, not only in batteries and as fuel, but also as an energy source that their modern counterparts can directly access.

In the modern world, Arcanists occupy a variety of positions. They may work as scientists trying to understand the limits of Arcana or as artists, using their illusions to entertain. Some work as scholars, either as librarians or university professors. Other Arcanists may even serve in combat forces, care for others as doctors, or engage in criminal activity in order to gain dominance. No matter what they dedicate their lives to, most Arcanists cannot resist the appeal of power and enlightenment, and they are often called out of their sheltered lives and brought to explore the wide, dangerous world.

Path of the Demonologist

Among the various applications of arcane magic stands one that specializes in magical contracts of a particular type. Demonologists are practitioners of this branch of arcane magic, capable of binding various entities to themselves and harnessing their powers. These creatures, usually demons, see their will and their freedom bent to the desires of the Demonologist who summoned them. Thanks to these contracts, Demonologists can obtain capacities and reach levels of power that would otherwise be unattainable for them. However, these abilities come with a price. The Demonologists' desire for greater strength and power drives them to forgo some of their Arcanic training and abilities in order to focus on the complexities of Demonic runes and mastery of hellfire.

Path of the Mentalist

Mentalists are a special type of arcane user who dedicates their training to the enhancement of their mental capacities. With their psyche's new force, they can bend someone’s will to their own and make people follow their words without question. They can create incomparably realistic illusions through mental projections and even have some control over the physical world, as they are capable of lifting and throwing objects. In combat, mentalists are often seen standing farther behind their group, seemingly inoffensive and inactive, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Far from being passive, mentalists are constantly pushing the limits of their own and others' minds, either by manipulating them, entrapping their capabilities, or playing with their emotions.

Path of the Thaumaturge

Thaumaturges are Arcanists who have chosen to dedicate their lives to healing the wounds of others. However, this revealed itself to be a poisonous gift, as intense arcane magic exposure is toxic to organic living bodies. Although thaumaturges are still skilled healers, they are arguably the most potent, and their abilities should not be used carelessly or without thought, as too much healing magic can actually make the patient ill. This is possibly the reason why a talented thaumaturge will always try to shield others from harm and tend to view their healing abilities as a last resort. Most Thaumaturges are capable of removing illnesses, whether they are the cause of them or not. They can react quickly in combat for an emergency heal or other pressing matters.

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