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Warriors are veteran fighters who have seen their share of battles and conflict over the years. With their exceptional courage, determination and variety of skills, they dominate the battlefields and lead their allies to victory. Whether they served in the military or not, warriors usually have extensive knowledge and training with a wide variety of weapons. Not only are they trained in many fighting styles, they are also trained in many ways to protect themselves from danger and the various afflictions that may fall upon them.

Warriors are a very disparate lot, training with various kind of weapon and learning the art of war to turn themselves into living weapons. Their fighting skills are rarely equaled by others, and train themselves to adapt to many different situations. In the modern world, warriors became even more powerful, gaining access do deadly weapons to master, and even more refined tactics. From the eastern countries to the harsh northern lands, warriors comes from many different backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: their straightforward tactics and their unbreakable spirit.

Path of the Bulwark

Characterized by their towering shields, bulwarks are strong and resilient warriors who specialize in protecting others from harm. They are valued allies on the battlefield, their shield being their most powerful weapon, and they can use it in a variety of ways, such as blocking explosions or shielding an ally from a blow directed at them. Their presence and leadership allows them to control what happens during a battle and change the outcome.

Path of the Samurai

Formerly habile cavaliers and deadly mounted warriors, the samurais evolved a lot in the modern world, becoming unstoppable foot soldiers and weapon masters. Following the teaching of Jianshin, much like monks, the samurai also follows a strict code of honor, strength and self perfection. Often in the service of nobles and powerful families, those who follow the way of the samurai are trained from a very young age, and are dedicated to their realm and those who rule it. Guided by the power of the Dragon God, a samurai is led by their unbreakable spirit, and their extensive knowledge of warfare and battle tactics.

Path of the Soldier

Soldiers are the most versatile warriors, being able to adapt and improvise when the situation needs it. They take their training extremely seriously and can become even more proficient with certain weapons and armor than most warriors. Their experience on the battlefield makes them extremely valuable, able to analyze the current situation, adapt to the creatures they are facing and break the enemy’s defenses.

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