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Often seen by modern society as recluses and hermits, Druids are scattered around the world as a part of various orders and circles. Nourishing that reputation of isolation, they tend to be very secretive about their rites, and as proud children and protectors of the forest, Druids deeply value balance, neutrality and order. For Druids, nature exists in a delicate balance and all elements of the world must remain in equilibrium. Druids have always been concerned about the precarious ecological balance that sustains plants and animals, emphasizing the need for people to live in harmony with nature. Nowadays, because nature has taken its toll since the arrival of advanced technologies, Druids are the last bastion protecting what remains of Arkelon's wilderness. 

Druids are deeply tied to the Speakers, who represent different aspects of nature. As the sentries of the natural world, many Druids are found watching over sacred sites or guarding parts of untouched nature. While some see modernity as a destroyer of natural resources, others believe it is possible to make these concrete jungles a little greener.

Path of the Nature's Fury

Nature’s Furies are the embodiment of nature’s wrath. They work with the Elemental Dragons to call upon tenacious plants, summon dangerous insects or create devastating storms. They love to surround themselves with nature and live in symbiosis with it. Although Nature's Furies are able to adapt to city life, they usually prefer the wilderness. Through their harmony with nature, they are capable of controlling plants to ensnare their foes, reduce their fighting capacities and assist their allies with powerful magic. For Nature’s Furies, science is simply a part of their lives, as they continuously study the natural world, furthering and deepening their knowledge about plants and critters.

Path of the Primal Soul

Primal Souls are druids whose deep bond with nature resides in their love and care for the animal kingdom. They form a more specific bond with certain animals, which they eventually learn to transform themselves into. Because of the wide variety of animals that roam the lands of Arkelon, Primal Souls have the potential to develop a broad range of abilities, giving them exceptional versatility. Depending on the animal they choose to become, one person could transform into a terrifyingly powerful predator, a surprisingly agile foe, or an unkillable juggernaut. Primal Souls are known for their ability to connect with nature, both through animal transformations and their communion with the Speakers.

Path of the Warden

Within all circles of druids, there are those who specialize in mending the wounds of the world. Guardians of the forest, Wardens rebuild fallen ecosystems and save dying animals with powers that allow them to restore health to all forms of life. Just as a plant grows, the powers of the Wardens take time to take effect, nourishing their target so they can continue fighting. The Warden can also cure afflictions like curses and poisons, as well as protect others from the lethal effects of elements or weapons. They are known for their strong empathy and compassion, using their abilities not only to heal wounds but also to calm the minds and hearts of those around them.

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