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Arcane Golems

Arcane Golems are constructs, usually created and upgraded by Humanoids or sometimes even by their fellow Golems. Even if they can feel a complex and varied range of emotions, they are often seen as disposable and mere objects by most races. Arcane Golems are typically encouraged to get jobs deemed dangerous for the living, and very few can get a “real” job in the modern world unless they are willing to put themselves in danger. 


They live in major cities amongst other races, and they don’t really have a set economy, or even political leaders. They usually follow along with the customs of the races inhabiting their shared city. Years ago, Arcane Golems made uprisings in order to gain more rights as citizens and not simply objects like they were before. Golem slavery was also abolished hundred of years ago. Some of them, living on the margins of society, have developed their own rites, rules and groups.




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