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Humans are by far the most common race amongst those living in Arkelon.  Their adaptation to different climates is well-known and even renowned amidst the other races of the world. This ability granted them an enormous diversity in their ranks.


From the nomadic tribes of the South, to the more sedentary ones in the North, Humans are widely scattered around Arkelon. They are usually seen as the most dominant race, due to their sheer numbers and adaptability traits, but are faced with drawbacks from their tendency to conquer and divide the other races’ territories.

Humans of all kind are a mixed bag – while some can be empathic and kind, their neighbors can be just as cold and unforgiving as the North. Nevertheless, most of them share a common characteristic of collecting and keeping relics from the past, while thirsting for new knowledge and new technologies. This last peculiarity can cause a lot of Humans to suffer from nostalgia towards their past.




The Kanjan people can be seen living in the far end of the Eastern Continent in Arkelon, where the highest mountains and

peaks are recorded throughout the region. With very few

masses of water apart from the sea near the coast, their

background is constituted by large plains often ending in forests.

Their climate is extremely continental, meaning they usually get

long and somewhat cold winters, as opposed to shorter summers, where most precipitation falls.


The Kanjan people are usually led by Shiari families, usually constituted with fortunate and powerful individuals. They live in villages close to fields for agriculture, or in large technological cities, amongst the most modern and powerful in the world. Their capital city, Yushudai, is located near the sea, not unlike most of their main cities. This was a necessary element for initial development, prior to the arrival of flying travel – and thus, newer cities tend to be off the coast, and more into the plains.


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