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The fierce Orcs of Arkelon tend to live all across the continents, spread out in different locations and amongst different tribes. However, most Orcs have a preference for establishing settlements in tropical, subtropical or even desert areas. Some tribes do live in more temperate lands, as well.


While some tribes stayed nomadic, true to their roots, some decided to establish some infrastructures on their lands, settling down for good with their tribe. This change, however, took decades to effectively take place, and is still fairly recent.

For Orcs, rituals are a core part of their lives: younglings undertake dangerous rituals to gain their adult status: those who fail are shunned or treated like children for the rest of their lives. These rituals includes hunts, fights, piercings, poisons, and especially tattoos. Tattoos are never to be used for recreational purposes amongst the Orcs, since they are sacred. Tattoos, different for each Orc tribe, are used to represent different things, such as representing a first kill,

an heroic deed or a wedding band.

Orcs are known for being crafty, and make use of a lot of recycling. They have a deep care for the environment and nature, and this is one of their ways of honoring it.





The Mountain Orcs are one of the hertitages of the large Orc

family that roam the lands of Arkelon. Most of the time, they can

be found living inside mountains, in very large underground cities. 


The Mountain Orcs built these cities over decades, and are spread

out by tribes amongst them. Almost all of them are sedentary and living with their fellows, and it is rare for them to wander off the mountains, unless for hunts or quick travels. 


As all other Orcs, rituals are highly important for them and are a

core part of their daily lives. Their songs can be heard echoing in

the mountains when traveling.


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