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The Vansharis are a race of evolved, anthropomorphic animals roaming the lands of Arkelon. They are related closely to the Jaanvaris, who are, relatively speaking, their “cousins''. However, the Vansharis have created a completely different society, and are notably closer to the Skarvalds Humans instead in terms of culture. The Vansharis are mostly living in the Northern parts of the continents, even though some decide to leave their territories and explore the world south. Most of them are sedentary, but some tribes can be seen as nomads, mostly bands of hunters and trackers who need to move with their prey.

The Vansharis as a whole are all very superstitious and spiritual, leading them to be afraid of the angry spirits living in the North. Most of them also turn to shamanic practices, or wear talismans to protect themselves against it.  


The Vansharis have concerns regarding technology that could potentially destroy the environment, but still make use of “green” alternatives to improve their quality of life.




The Vaanshar-Hira are one of the five types of Vansharis roaming the lands of Arkelon, particularly

in the Northern continents. They are a subspecies of evolved, anthropomorphic animals that closely resemble various types of northern ungulates. They are usually — but not always — tall and resilient.


The Vaanshar-Hira are good swimmers, even if they are underestimated because of their size, and they have exceptional balance. They are also known to be amongst the best pilots in Arkelon, and as such, some of them travel a lot for work.


They are closed off, and live peacefully in their settlements, unless disturbed. They enjoy their peace and isolation, and are hard to frighten and hurt. They stay calm in almost all circumstances, but they are very dangerous when cornered.

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