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Trolls share the same DNA as the mighty Orcs, although they evolved in very different directions. While the Orcs value honor, strength and war, Trolls are more peaceful and very spiritual. They value harmony with nature, honesty and integrity. Mostly scattered in the far north and south, Trolls sometimes meld with other races, but tend to stay away from humans, as their rites and customs are seen as primitive and outdated(and are often seen as inferior because of it). They still integrated technology to their daily lives, but the appearance of their cities, clothes and weapons have strong ties to their ancestry.

Trolls are very close to the elemental spirits. Their tribes and cities are often lead by a chieftain and a shaman, helped by a tribal council, that insures all young Trolls succeed their rite of passage to adulthood, and take care of political and economical matter. Those rites include long meditation to connect with the spirit world, and scarification (representing scales and intricate patterns) to bring themselves closer to the Dragon Spirits.




Ice Trolls live in lands permanently coated

in snow. They rarely see the sun shine,

thus having a very pale complexion. Due

to this, they often do very poorly in other climates,

often suffering from terrible sunburns when exposed

to scorching sun. They are capable warriors and

hunters, often proving their worth by hunting the

large beasts of the north. They are the closest ties

to their Orcs ancestors, with more primal appearances

and rites. 

Their main economy comes from the pelts and bones of

exotic northern beasts, as well as their weapon and armor

smiting abilities. They are often at war with the Skarvalds and

Ice Dwarves, as they share territories and resources.


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