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The origins of the Shiaris are mysterious. The legend says that they where once mighty guardians made of stone, protecting the entrance of temples and cities. One day, their stone body was turned to flesh by Jianshin, the god of honor and pride. Living in the Eastern part of Arkelon, they follow a strict monarchy, based on power and dynasties. Members of a dethroned family will often be executed, to prevent them from rising to power again. They have a lot of affinities with arcane magic, and follow a strict training from a very young age.

Shiaris have a tendency to use force and intimidation to crush their enemies morale, or to force other races on their knees. They are quite fond of warfare, and will often attempt to conquer other territories. Jaanvaris and Kanjans often attempt to overthrow their Shiaris overlords to no avail, as their armed force is stronger and very organized. The homeland of the Shiaris is one of the richest countries, being filled with rare and precious materials such as gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones, as well as many advanced technologies.

There are currently 3 Shiaris families fighting for control over the Kanjai territory: Chihada, Katashin and Honehifu, all of them being Dragon Shiaris.





Lion Shiaris are the most common of their kind, and were

awaken from the mighty guardians of cities. They are less

arrogant than their Dragon counterparts, but they still see

themselves as superior to other races. They will often wear

extravagant bracers and necklaces, made from bronze,

copper or gold, as well as clothes made from silk.

Lion Shiaris sometimes rise to power, but such events are

rare, as Dragon Shiaris families are often wealthier, stronger and

have more influence, making them hard to push away. 

They are disciplined, strong willed, and often follow the

teaching of their creator, becoming Monks or Samurais.


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