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Although humans are very common, the Jaanvaris are amongst the most varied, along with the Dragonkins. Less adaptable than humans, but very different in their looks, the Jaanvaris are a varied bunch, evolved from some of the many beasts that once wandered Arkelon.

Most Jaanvaris decided to settle in the same large city of Jaanvar, helping each other with their varied abilities. Those living in other cities are mostly seen in the southern part of the world, where the climate is more mild. They are rarely at war with other races, preferring peace and calm, but are often forced to take arms when their country's in danger. 

From canines, to avians, to reptilians, Jaanvaris have many forms and shapes. They worship the elemental spirits and the "Speakers", which are envoys of the god of nature. Their rites include a lot of colors and celebrations, with a whole week dedicated to the spirits. Jaanvaris often wear lots of large colorful clothing, as well as a lot of jewelry. Their race often identify themselves by using the name of their city, followed by their type. Those who left Jaanvar will only identify themselves as Jaanvaris.




The Jaanvar-Saan are one of the largest kind of Jaanvaris. Their

bulky build and large physique makes them especially good at

physical jobs, or as soldiers. They are sometimes short tempered

and belligerent, but can also be very tame and gentle, especially

if not lacking food. 

 Taking reptilian traits and looking more primal than

the other Jaanvaris, Jaanvar-Saan usually wear

simpler clothes, trading beauty for convenience.

Unlike some of their neighbors, the Jaanvar-Saan are

known for their primal-looking traits, usually borrowing

most of them from the crocodiles, lizards and turtles.

However, don’t mistake this primal-looking appearance

as people who don’t use technology: they are just as

good with it as their fellow Jaanvaris, and their neighbors.


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