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Elves are one of the most common races found in the continents of Arkelon. As they have evolved to be different from one another, Elves can be found all-around the world, be it in cities, underground and even in forests. They have been brought to Arkelon at first a long time ago, from a distant planet. The first Elves species were the Dark Elves, but since, other subspecies have appeared. 


As such, the three kinds of Elves tend to vary a lot in terms of habitations - and they rarely live together. Each subspecies stay in their group, without mixing with each other. However, most Elves groups tend to be sedentary, and very rarely nomads. 


Their genes make them able to outlive most races of Arkelon by a long shot, but it is to the detriment of being more frail and prone to injuries than most. As such, most Elves share a common trait: they are annoyed with other races - seeing them as brash, too impulsive and too spontaneous. They make use of technology and some can be quite crafty with it, but even with that, they rarely share the same values and interests as other races that cohabit with them in the cities.




The Dark Elves are one of the three subspecies of Elves in

Arkelon. Unlike the other two, they are the original Elves: they

were brought to Arkelon from a distant planet, and have

struggled for a while to make their place inside this new world. 


The Dark Elves usually live in undergrounds, in the far North, unlike

their other counterparts. They dwell in the mountains' cores, and

inside tunnels or caves. Most of their cities are also built underground,

as well. Few of them dare to head for the surface - and none of them really want to, unless they have urgent business or want a better


Dark Elves are renowned for their prestigious arcane schools and

huge libraries, although very picky of those who can access their knowledge.


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