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Dwarves are small and stocky humanoids, resembling small humans. They are hardworking creatures, often becoming incredibly rich, living in large underground cities. In the modern world of Arkelon, Dwarves are considered as the technological leaders of the world, developing a lot of new technologies and exporting them all over the world. They are masters at crafting weapons, armors and vehicles, although they also dabble in jewelry and golem creation. Dwarves where the first race to discover arcana in an old ruin in the northern part of the world, quickly starting to experiment on it. They are behind a lot of the technological progress made following that discovery, and where the first to reach Arkelon's moon, Phos, during the space race between them, Dragonkins and Humans.

Dwarves are especially conservative of their own culture, rites and fashion, making them a somewhat secretive race. They keep extensive records of their history, and decorate their cities with large frescoes representing their heroes and their past. Although they know how to harness the volatile arcana, they don't have a particular affinity with magic, preferring to go towards more martial or religious endeavors. With the world's evolution, some Dwarves left their people to join other races, leaving their underground cities for the surface. As they did so, they shared some of Dwarven knowledge regarding their culture, making them at odds with their own.




Surface Dwarves live on the edge of their own society,

preferring the company of other races. They tend to

share their extensive knowledge of crafting and

technology with the world, making them at odds with

other types of Dwarves, which are very protective of

their techniques.

Although they left their people, they are still quite

conservative about their style and fashion, still inspiring

themselves from their civilization. They are master

mechanics, and they develop a lot of vehicles. Since

they left their own and live above ground, they lost their

ability to see in darkness, replacing it with sharp

diplomatic skills.


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