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The fierce Dragonkins were created thousands of years ago by the true dragons, to serve as slaves and foot soldiers. Carrying the blood of dragons and other humanoid species of Arkelon, the Dragonkins were incredibly resilient, and their ability to change shapes made them a force to be reckoned with. Under the dragons’ control, most types of Dragonkin were expected to serve their Empire according to their strengths, no matter their gender or personal interests. Along with the Humans and Jaanvaris, very few others can be known as so diverse; culturally and physically.


Freed from the yoke of the true dragons following the Age of Fire’s end, the Dragonkins built their own society and, although they were free to do as they please, continued the traditions of a heavily militarized civilization. Cultivating their knowledge of war, weaponry and strategy, the Dragonkins are among the most respected races on Arkelon. Although their involvement in the Great Dragon War and the oppression caused by them during the Age of Fire created its share of conflicts with other sentient races, the Dragonkins have decided to amend for their past crimes by making peaceful interactions with others their priority.




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