Welcome To Arkelon Chronicles,

a new tabletop RPG!

The Arkelon Chronicles RPG brings you into a whole new and unique world, within which the only limit is your imagination! Will you become a renowned hero? A powerful villain? An explorer? Will you fall victim to treacherous traps and dangerous monsters? Your faith is yours to decide in this dangerous and exciting world. ​

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Classics meet


Various Customization


Reactive and

Dynamic Gameplay

Although you will see some familiar and classic races present in usual fantasy settings, we tried to bring novelty to those races, and give them new looks, abilities and personalities.

        Arkelon is also the home of many new and original races, with their own appearance and lore.

The many races and creatures of Arkelon have various different cultures, looks, clothing, rites and art. Everything was created with creativity and flexibility in mind, making it possible to create any character that pops in your mind!


From spells, to talents, to personality traits and racial traits, creating a unique character has never been this simple! 

Arkelon's simple but deep gameplay allows new and experienced players to jump right into the game! The reactive gameplay is made to keep everyone's interest, even when it isn't their turn!

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