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What’s a community copy and why it’s important for us

A community copy is a copy of a publication – in this case our rulebook – that the publisher makes available for free to gamers in the community who would not otherwise be able to afford or access the publication. This reduces barriers to entry for marginalized people. Those who can afford the full game should not take a community copy.

Community copies are generally funded by full purchases of the same publication. It is common, for example, for each full purchase to add a new community copy to a collection that is available for anyone to take it if they can’t afford it.

In this case, during our Kickstarter campaign, each digital and physical add-ons can be bought either for yourself or for us to hold as a community copy. As a company, we believe that Tabletop Roleplaying Games should be accessible to all, and this system of community copies will do just that! When buying either a digital or physical copy of the game, you will be able to specify if you want to keep it,or donate it.

When pledging to certain tiers, we add digital copies of the book as community copy at no additional charges.

  • Each "First one on Scene" and "The Rookie Hero" pledge will add one (1) digital copy of the book as a community copy

  • Each "The Librarian" and "The Collector" pledge will add two (2) digital copies of the book as community copies

  • Each "The Veteran Hero" and "The Dragon's Hoard" pledge will add four (4) digital copies of the book as community copies

Digital copies will be added directly to our website after the campaign's completion, creating an opportunity for folks with financial hardship to enjoy Arkelon Chronicles as well!

As for the physical copies, we want to send them in youth centers, First Nations communities and other social organizations providing a safe place for people who would like to play the game but simply cannot afford it.

Hopefully, this makes the game more easily available for others for a more sustainable period, while also making the game sustainable for us. We believe that in this way, supporting us also supports others, and vice versa—you help us eat and work on the project we love, while also exposing others to the work so that they may potentially enjoy and gain value from the experience.

Thank you for following us, and see you on Arkelon!

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