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How we came together, and the beginning of Arkelon Chronicles

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

When we first started to discuss we wanted to make a game, we where already playing D&D and Pathfinder for a few years, and it's not really about us being unsatisfied or unhappy with these game systems. It was more about wanting to share a universe that was in our mind for years, and wanting to create something special with it. We've known each other for a very long time, and we are really happy to work together to bring this game to your table!

The first time we sat together and started to talk about what we wanted for Arkelon, it was clear we wanted to use Polyhedral dice sets. Not because we wanted to copy D&D and hope it works, but more about the fact that we like the feeling and variety that those dices can bring to the table(and also because it's pretty quick and convenient to throw one dice to solve almost everything).

One of the first Arkelon sheet

The first iteration we had was pretty similar to Pathfinder and D&D, with a lot of the same mechanics from 3.5, with very little variation such as % based dodge, block and crit. We came a long way from this(which was one and a half year ago), adding more reactive gameplay elements, and pretty much changing how the game worked, to a point where it is not compatible with other systems, unless taking the time to adapt everything.

When we started to change the game to make it more ours(instead of a Pathfinder Sci-Fi complement), we sat together and started to discuss what we wanted, and a thing that was really prominent was customization and choices. So we started to work on that, removing classes restrictions for weapon, armor and skills, and finding ways to remove as much penalties as possible to allow easy multiclassing for players that want to do it. Races and classes also have their own variations, choices, talents and spells, to make them as unique as possible, and make you feel like you are playing an original and unique character, even if your friend is playing the same race and class than you. Almost everything is customizable: armor, weapons, race and class.

We also wanted to integrate roleplaying into the game, creating numerous personality traits that you can select, giving your character little bonuses and penalties. For example, a character that is clumsy is not very proficient with agility skills and weapons, but, on the other hand, gives you a slightly higher chance to crit, due to "happy accidents". There are 64 of those, so you have plenty of choice to customize your character!They are also not set in stone, so those you choose at 1st level can be changed if you think they don't fit anymore!

Another thing we wanted, is to allow players(and monsters) to react to their environment and what happens in front of them, even when it isn't their turn. Battle is not all there is about Arkelon, but since it is a part of it, we tried to make it fun and reactive. There are no passive defenses(such as AC) to defend yourself from attacks or spells. You must roll your dice against the creature's attack, and on a failure, can react by attempting another defense mechanic(for example if you attempted to dodge and failed, if you are wielding a shield, you can use a reaction to block the attack, and reduce a little bit of the damage you take). All classes have some abilities that can be used to help their allies or impair their foes when it isn't their turn, and talents can give you even more options. Reactions can also be as simple as attacking a creature passing nearby or casting a spell, but we didn't wanted to restrain them to only that.

A more recent character sheet!

We are a small team, but we are passionate about this universe we created, and we hope that you will enjoy it too! Next time, we'll talk a little bit more about us, who we are and what we do!

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