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- It is possible, - Zelepukin answered displeasedly. - If you are right, then this is the Merchant, the right hand of Babai. What are we going to do, Sasha? He turned to the bald man

- Nothing yet. And what if she suddenly made a mistake, and we start fussing? You need to know for sure, and not twitch.

You are right, Sasha.

Zelepukin paused and began to speak:

- So, so, Tanka ... You say too serious things to believe them - there are few facts. Few. Volks with number 157 is the only serious fact. At Babai's, the whole brigade drives such "folks", and all with the number 157, only the letters are different. It is clear that these are his people. But you need to find out who.

Zelepukin lit another cigarette.

- What are your plans?

- We need to show the photo to Stepanych, if he confirms, there will be one more proof. Then I still want to go to Radishchevo. No wonder these lucky players got off the train there, not earlier and not later. If not for this trick with a gun, I would have followed Nina Gudkova's fiancé today. Tomorrow morning I will call her, then I will go to Radishchevo.


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