Project Update and Roadmap

Hi everybody, it's been a while since we've released an article on our website! Work on the Kickstarter takes a lot of time, and we want to be sure that we release the best product possible. First things first, printing and paper! We are still monitoring the paper/cardboard shortage, which for now is not problematic versus the date that we plan to print, which is encouraging! We'll still update you on the situation with each updates, and stay open with the situation, so you'll be aware of any delays that might befall the Kickstarter release. For now, the game is still set to release in August of 2022!

End of 2021-2022 Road Map

As we continue working on the game, here's a set of major milestones as of now until release!

November 2021

  • GM Screen assets and art

  • Custom Characters from Kickstarter pledge

End of January 2022

  • Writing is completely finished

  • French Translation is started

Mai 2022

  • Final artwork deadline

  • Final translation deadline

  • Finish editing and layout

  • Test Prints

June 2022

  • Editing corrections if necessary

  • Order all Kickstarter rewards (pins, charms, prints, etc)

July 2022

  • Send to print!

End of August 2022


Thank you all again for following the project! It means a lot to us to have such an amazing amount of support!

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