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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Hello Everyone!

A small article to talk about our fantastic artists, talking a bit about their background, and giving links to their portfolio so you can also enjoy their amazing art!

Jonas Petrauskas |

Jonas Petrauskas is a very talented artist, with experience in many fields, such as graphic design, character design and illustration. His style is very unique and colorful, and his design work always give interesting twists and shapes to his characters. Jonas was the first artist to be hired on the project, and created the logo and some of the races illustrations.

Khoa Trần Việt |

Khoa Trần Việt is an awesome artist from Vietnam, working with a small team of aspiring artist to bring high quality work. He worked for mobile games, and is very skilled with character and environment design. His colorful style and designs are always very polished and interesting. Khoa worked on the pages illustrations.

Marcel Mercado |

Marcel Mercado has quite a lot of experience under his belt, working on other tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and was featured in publications, such as Imagine FX and Infected by Art. He also worked for game supplements such as those from Kobold Press, and worked and an art director. He bring a lot of experience to the table, and uses this experience to create very interesting and unique designs. Marcel created the book's cover.

Nataliia Yaroshenko |

Nataliia Yaroshenko is an artist from Ukraine with a lot of talents. She has experience in illustrations for mobile games, and has multiple different skills under her belt. Nataliia worked on the items and equipment illustration.

Stefano Andrieri |

Stefano Andrieri is a freelance concept artist, specializing in stylized art. He was featured in Cubebrush’ blog for his “Exosaurus” illustration for Art War 3. He has many skills under his belt, working with 3D and 2D medias alike. His unique style and vivid colors brings a lot of personality to Arkelon’s art, and his design work is really impressive. Stefano worked on the Class' Logos and the races designs.

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