Backerkit Pre-Orders Closing!

Hello everyone! It is now that time where pre-orders will be closing on Backerkit! On June 20th, we will be locking orders and charging cards!

But what if I wanted to pre-order the game but couldn't at the time?? Yes, this is a question that we had a couple of times in the past few days, and we can now answer it: we will be setting up a shop directly on our website, where we will be accepting pre-orders for all products present on Backerkit. This will allow us to move on with the project, without penalizing those who would have wanted to get their hands on Arkelon Chronicles before the complete release!

As mentioned in our previous Kickstarter update: we want to remain transparent with the fact that the game will be delayed. We are aiming at a completed text in August, which we will share will ALL backers so they can play the game in it's entirety, with some minor adjustments left when we'll be moving on to the final print/formatted version.

Everyone take care, and we'll be seeing you very, very soon! - Wendigo Workshop

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