The Mwaouans are found typically in the savannah or at least, in the far South of the Western Continent in Arkelon. With very few masses of useable water to support their territories, they often rely on their survival skills to make their lives easier, especially for agriculture.

        While most Mwaouans living in the city can be seen wearing modern clothes – but still with a touch of tradition in them, in the way of patterns of colors – the ones living farther from the cities still wear their traditional attire.


Urban Human are amongst the most common of all types of Humans around, as they are tremendously adaptable and versatile, even sometimes more than their fellows. They live all over the world of Arkelon, settling mostly in enormous cities filled with technology all-around them.

Urban Humans come from diverse parts of Arkelon, and as such, can look like pretty much anything, ranging from extremes to the others, having a wide range of skin color, from white to dark brown. Urban Humans are known to wear modern clothing, and keep up with the trends in terms of it. Their armors are technological, like their weapons.


        Humans are by far the most common race amongst those living in Arkelon.  Their adaptation to different climates is well-known and even renowned amidst the other races of the world. This ability granted them an enormous diversity in their ranks.


        From the nomadic tribes of the South, to the more sedentary ones in the North, Humans are widely scattered around Arkelon. They are usually seen as the most dominant race, due to their sheer numbers and adaptability traits, but are faced with drawbacks from their tendency to conquer and divide the other races’ territories.

        Humans of all kind are a mixed bag – while some can be empathic and kind, their neighbours can be just as cold and unforgiving as the North. Nevertheless, most of them share a common characteristic of collecting and keeping relics from the past, while thirsting for new knowledge and new technologies. This last peculiarity can cause a lot of Humans to suffer from nostalgia towards their past.

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