Along with the Jaanvaris and Humans, very few others can be known as so diverse, both culturally, physically and in terms of military than the Dragonkins. Most of them are known by their reputation, which is one akin to Humans and Shiaris, as war strategists, and conquerors. However, unlike the former two, they have decided in the recent years to make peace and diplomacy with other races one of their priorities, as it is more profitable. As such, they are respected among other races in the world.

        The Dragonkins are a vast society who employ a system only known to them: a somewhat cast-like one, where sub-races are divided in predefined roles according to their strengths. However, this also means that society disregard individual interests in order to maintain their standards. In this system, men and women are both expected to contribute according to the roles given to them at birth, regardless of their gender or personal interests. This can lead to some type of uprising among the people, but they are easily put down by the armies of their city.



        The powerful Mountain Dragonkins are the descendants of the mighty mountain dragons, and are as such typically bulky, large and strong members of their kin. Most of them tend to reside in either the capital or large cities of their kind, and far less of them tend to escape the society of the Dragonkins, usually perfectly content with the way things are in the capital and other cities.

        Extremely disciplined, even more so than their fellowmen, they are renowned for their impressive focus, especially in times of war and when discussing strategies. For the Mountain Dragonkins, both men and women

are expected to serve in one of the armies around their cities, or at least contribute by doing physical work.


        The Prairie Dragonkins have a dislike for anything related to violence and war, a trait that makes them at odds with a lot of their relatives, like the Magma, Mountains or Desert Dragonkins, whom form most of their armies.


        They make use of the technology surrounding them to enhance their knowledge in plants and in beasts, in order to help both humanoid and animals. They also are very advanced in medical technology, while prioritizing natural ways to heal people and beasts. They usually have a calm temperament.

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