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        In the wilderness, lots of people just disappear, perishing to its many dangers, or becoming lost, never to be found again. Hunters are not such people, being more at easy in the wild than within their own civilization. Often living a solitary life, or being accompanied by faithful animal companions, hunter often dwells in remote lands, relentlessly tracking their prey. They are master of their environment, as well as of specific types of creatures, they are often hired as guides in treacherous areas.

        In the modern world, some of them had to adapt, and left the wilds for the cities. Enlisting in the military as snipers and beast masters, or becoming bounty hunters, their wide array of skills and knowledge makes them valuable assets in the world. Although some joined society, they retained their tendencies to act alone and live a solitary life.

Path of the Ascended

        Between good and evil, stands the Exorcist. Wielder of questionable magic and obscure secrets, these priests vow their life to controlling and getting rid of evil spirits and creatures, by all means necessary, even if that means wielding the dark forces of their enemies. The Exorcist’s methods are often seen as evil by other members of the clergy, but most of them use their powers to help and protect.

Path of the Ironskin

        Characterized by their towering shields, bulwarks are strong and resilient warriors who specialize in protecting others from harm. They are valued allies on the battlefield, their shield being their most powerful weapon, and they can use it in a variety of ways such as blocking explosions or shielding an ally from a blow directed at them. Their presence and leadership allows them to control what happens during a battle and can change the outcome.

Path of the Soul Mender

        Soldiers are the most versatile warriors, being able to adapt and improvise when the situation needs it. They take their training extremely seriously and can become even more proficient with certain weapons and armor than most warriors. Their experience on the battlefield makes them extremely versatile, able to analyse the current situation, adapt to the creatures they are facing and break the enemy’s defenses.