In the world of Arkelon, the primary elements are controlled by celestial beings called Spirits. Those spirits, created by the Gods of nature, and taking the shape of mighty dragons, fuel all basic elements of the world: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Void, Lightning, Life, Death and Time. Shamans are messengers of these spirits, using their powers with honor and respect.

        In this modern world, Shamans struggle to find their place, as their beliefs and powers are in conflict with the rise of technologies. In some parts of the world, they are still seen as guides and leaders, sharing their undeniable wisdom, and communicating with the spirits for guidance. They often join Heroes when the balance of the world is in danger, and the elements are disturbed. 

When one decides to become a shaman, it must undergo a long process of introspection to find their preferred spirit, usually one that speaks to them in terms of beliefs and personality.

Path of the Harbinger

        Harbingers are masters of death, fire, lightning and void. They use the devastating powers of the elements to rain destruction on their enemies. Those who choose to become harbingers are often seen as passionate, spontaneous and powerful.

Path of the Mender

        Menders are masters of life and water. They use their powers to mend and help others. Those who choose to become menders are often seen as calm, patient and generous.

Path of the Vanguard

        Vanguards are masters of air, time and earth. They use their powers to help their allies, impair their foes and protect themselves. Those who choose to become vanguards are often seen as tenacious, stubborn and wise.

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