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        In Arkelon, and most worlds beyond, an energy hardly understood by mere mortals is present: Arcana. Wildly unpredictable and dangerous, some foolish and determined individual learned to control it in ways that surpasses the limits of the human body. Usually used as batteries and fuel, the Arcane energies often cause sickness in those who temper too much with them. Despite this, it can also be used to cure illnesses and heal wounds, often leaving its users sickened for a short period of time.


        Arcanists are people who attempted to master this energy, and uncover its multiple usage, including healing, and controlling other people. Some ill intentioned arcanists discovered a possibility to contact other planes of existence, and make pacts with otherworldly entities, in exchange for fiendish powers. Most Arcanist join specialised schools to learn how to manipulate the arcane energies without killing themselves. Arcanists lend their incredible powers to heroes in time of need, helping them overcome incredible dangers by curing their wounds, or bypass obstacles by creating powerful illusions and mind-control effects.

Path of the Demon Soul

        Within all circle of druids, some specialize in mending the wounds of the world. Wielding powers granting them the ability to restore health to plants and other creatures, Wardens are the protectors of the forest, rebuilding fallen ecosystems and saving dying animals. As the growing of plants, the powers of the Warden takes time to take effect, nourishing its target so they can continue fighting. The Warden is also able to cure afflictions, such as curses and poisons, and protect others from the deadly effects of elements or weapons.

Path of the Primal Champion

        Characterized by their towering shields, bulwarks are strong and resilient warriors who specialize in protecting others from harm. They are valued allies on the battlefield, their shield being their most powerful weapon, and they can use it in a variety of ways such as blocking explosions or shielding an ally from a blow directed at them. Their presence and leadership allows them to control what happens during a battle and can change the outcome.

Path of the Technoblade

        Soldiers are the most versatile warriors, being able to adapt and improvise when the situation needs it. They take their training extremely seriously and can become even more proficient with certain weapons and armor than most warriors. Their experience on the battlefield makes them extremely versatile, able to analyse the current situation, adapt to the creatures they are facing and break the enemy’s defenses.