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In the wilderness, a lot of people just disappear, perishing to its many dangers, or becoming lost, never to be found again. Hunters are not such people, being more at ease in the wild than within their own civilization. Often living a solitary life, or being accompanied by faithful animal companions, hunters often dwells in remote lands. Their extensive knowledge of the outside world make them sought after guides for travelers.


In the modern world, some of them had to adapt, and left the wilds for the cities. Enlisting in the military as snipers and beast masters, or becoming bounty hunters, their wide array of skills and knowledge makes them valuable assets in the world. Although some joined society, they retained their tendencies to act alone and live a solitary life.

Path of the Pack Leader

Masters of beasts and nature, pack leaders tame dangerous creatures to assist them. Rarely seen without their faithful companions, pack leaders are often seen as hermits, only putting their trust in the terrifying beasts following them. These hunters affinities with animals allow them to tame even the most reluctant creature, and some have even been seen traveling with magical beasts. Pack leaders innate leadership abilities make them very strong assets to any organizations.

Path of the Sharpshooter

Sharpshooters are experts of long range combat, trading speed for accuracy. They will often carefully plan a shot, waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity. These hunters are especially sought after in the military, disabling priority targets without putting themselves in danger. Although they are masters of bows, crossbows and firearms, some sharpshooters use more exotic weapons like throwing knives or javelins. 

Path of the Tracker

Dangerous and relentless, trackers are the indisputable masters of the wilderness. Halfway between a common warrior and a powerful shapeshifter, the tracker is able to take different aspects from the beasts they hunt, bolstering themselves and their abilities. They are also able to befriend beasts and other creatures of the wild, or they sometimes inherit a special weapon deeply tied to their ancestry. Years of studies make them experts of traps, poisons and terrain.

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