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Children and protectors of the forest, druids are often seen as recluses and hermits by modern society. Nature took its toll after the arrival of advanced technologies, and druids are the last bastion protecting what's left of wilderness in Arkelon. Scattered in many orders and circles around the globe, druids follow a strict code of order, balance, secrecy over their rites and language, and neutrality. A druid shall never break the balance of nature. To bring someone back from the dead requires him to take another life, when forest is destroyed, he need to plant new trees, and if creatures becomes out of control, he must restore the balance.

Not all druids are at war with the world and its evolution. Some do accept technology, and see it as an opportunity to discover new creatures and plants. For those, technology can be a tool to help plant grow and animal survive, without tapping into nature itself. Called Xenodruids, those druids vow their life to develop new and nature friendly technologies, and to explore the deepness of space to uncover new forms of life.

Path of the Nature's Fury

The druids known as nature's Furies are the embodiment of nature's wrath. Wielding powers allowing them to control plants, dangerous insects and deadly elemental forces, these druids are protectors of balance and nature. Working jointly with the gods of nature and the spirits, the nature's furies are as destructive and unpredictable than the most terrible storm, making them potent and valuable allies.

Path of the Primal Soul

Primal souls embrace the primal side of nature, allowing them to transform in a plethora of dangerous beasts. They are more fit for battle than other druids, at the cost of their proficiency with spells. Their ability to change form makes them incredibly versatile, making them able to thrive in any environment. Favored by those who preferred a more solitary path, the path of the Primal Soul is an ancient tradition devoted to the mastery of the Bestial Form. Primal Souls are fierce guardians of the wilds.

Path of the Warden

Within all circle of druids, some specialize in mending the wounds of the world. Wielding powers granting them the ability to restore health to plants and other creatures, wardens are the protectors of the forest, rebuilding fallen ecosystems and saving dying animals. As the growing of plants, the powers of the warden takes time to take effect, nourishing its target so they can continue fighting. The Warden is also able to cure afflictions, such as curses and poisons, and protect others from the deadly effects of elements or weapons.

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