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In Arkelon, and most worlds beyond, an energy hardly understood by mere mortals is present: Arcana. Wildly unpredictable and dangerous, some foolish and determined individual learned to control it in ways that surpasses the limits of the human body. Usually used as batteries and fuel, the Arcane energies often cause sickness in those who temper too much with them. Despite this, it can also be used to cure illnesses and heal wounds, often leaving its users sickened for a short period of time.

Arcanists are people who attempted to master this energy, and uncover its multiple usage, including healing, and controlling other people. What arcanists lacked in combat prowess and armor they make up with a broad range of magical spells and abilities learned through years of practice and training. They are strong magic users, able to heal and control with their powers, but also able to tap into dark forces, becoming truly unstoppable. Some ill-intentioned arcanists discovered a possibility to contact other planes of existence, and make pacts with otherworldly entities, in exchange for fiendish powers.

Path of the Demonologist

A demonologist is an arcane spellcaster who gained power through contracts with powerful entities, most commonly demons and other evil creatures. These pacts allowed demonologists to channel powerful abilities of infernal might that would otherwise be closed to them. Demonologists have an overall poor reputation, a result of their dealings with otherworldly and often malevolent outsiders. However, not all demonologists are evil by nature. Furthermore, demonologists have varying views of those who differ from them, in part because of their outsider place in society.

Path of the Mentalist

Beyond the studies of arcane scholars lies the mysterious terrain of the mind. Experts at charm and deceit, mentalists compel others to heed their words and bend to their will. The very gaze of a mentalist can hypnotize someone into following his whims. Within the minds of those affected, they instills specific suggestions that lead to greater abilities or to the downfall of his prey. Some even elevate their mind to a point where they can bend the world to their will and use telekinetic skills, which can be an intense advantage on the battlefield. While many a mentalist uses their individual talents for personal glory and wealth, others help their allies to reach greatness, guiding their destiny upon chosen tracks to lead them to greater heights from which they might affect the world in a positive manner.

Path of the Thaumaturge

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